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Explore our Eco Friendly Pools service, dedicated to crafting sustainable swimming pools that prioritize speed of installation and eco-friendly materials, while maintaining industry-standard pool filtration and automation systems. Enjoy a beautiful pool while minimizing your environmental impact.
Eco Friendly Pools for Hill Country Lagoons LLC in Austin, TX Eco Friendly Pools for Hill Country Lagoons LLC in Austin, TX

When considering the construction of a pool for your home, environmental impact is a crucial factor to bear in mind. Traditional pool setups often entail significant energy consumption and water wastage, posing risks to the environment.

Enter Hill Country Lagoons LLC and our Eco Friendly Pools service. As a Biodesign Pool Building company, we champion sustainability and conservation at every stage of pool construction and upkeep. Our approach integrates innovative design techniques that prioritize speed of installation and the use of eco-friendly materials, while still incorporating standard pool filtration and automation systems.

Choosing Hill Country Lagoons LLC for your pool project means opting for a beautiful, functional swimming oasis that aligns with your eco-conscious values. With our steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices, rest assured that your pool will be constructed with sustainability at its core. Schedule a consultation with Hill Country Lagoons LLC today and embark on the journey to create an environmentally responsible backyard retreat.

Our Process:

Protective Geotextile
Waterproofing Membrane
Consolidation Netting
First Layer of Structural Coating
Intermediate Consolidation Netting
Second Layer of Structural Coating

Utilizing technology with minimal environmental impact, alongside an exceptional quality waterproofing membrane and the structural integrity of our patented Biodesign coating.

Our specifications reveal that our waterproofing membranes surpass those found in conventional pools, boasting an elasticity increase of 300%. Additionally, they exhibit heightened resilience against UV rays, frost, and chemical substances.

The Biodesign structural coating, formulated with purpose-designed resins and our quartz sand blend, delivers twice the mechanical strength when compared to structural concrete.

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